2015 Campaign – the MINURSO mandate


ARABIC: حملة 2015- مهمة المينورسو

Western Sahara Action Forum today begins its campaign to ensure the UN Security Council acts to fulfill its responsibility to supervise a free and fair referendum that will allow the Sahrawi people to express their inalienable right to self-determination. With the annual renewal of MINURSO’s mandate due in April, we make our annual call on this UN peacekeeping force to keep the peace by protecting the Sahrawis from human rights abuses. With Spain on the Security Council this year there is an opportunity to bring this shameful chapter in the UN’s history to an end. Below are two briefings on HUMAN RIGHTS and NATURAL RESOURCES which outline this year’s campaign.

Western Sahara Action Forum has one clear recommendation for the UN Security Council on the issue of Human Rights: to renew MINURSO’s mandate in April 2015 and to include the provision of independent, impartial, comprehensive, and sustained monitoring of human rights, both in Western Sahara and in the refugee camps.

With regard to the exploitation of resources, Western Sahara Action Forum believes this process creates an impediment to the resolution of the conflict in Western Sahara. The “trading” in Sahrawi resources is illegal under international law unless the Sahrawis as the original, indigenous inhabitants agree to and also benefit from the exploitation of their resources.

To fulfil its central responsibility of implementing the referendum of self-determination MINURSO must be mandated to monitor and make meaningful comment about exploitation of resources, including to ensure that the benefits from them accrue to the Sahrawis.

BRIEFINGS: Human Rights Violations in Western Sahara
Crimes without a witness – WSAF briefing (English)
Crimes sans témoins – WSAF briefing (French)
Crímenes sin testigo – WSAF briefing (Spanish)
Crimes without a witness – WSAF briefing (Arabic)

The exploitation of natural resources in Western Sahara
Stolen Future – WSAF briefing (English)
Futuro Robado – WSAF briefing (Spanish)
Stolen Future – WSAF briefing (Arabic)

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