Can You Grow Food in the Desert?

If you love cultivating plants or growing your own food, deserts would probably not be your first choice when thinking of the best place to build a farm at. Yet, for centuries now, man have defeated nature’s elements, or at best – staved them off for long enough to allow nature to take a different course.

One such example is desert farming or the practice of developing agriculture in deserts. It definitely doesn’t sound like the type of undertaking that is right for anyone and it is definitely not. However, with the advancement in agricultural technologies, proper recycling of rainwater and solar panels, which allow you to use quite a bit of power, it has now been made possible.

Even looking before this era of technological advancements, it would help you to know that desert agriculture tracks back to 5,000 BC, and that is quite an outstanding feat.

Back in the day, there were many ways to be efficient and develop agriculture even in the least habitable places on Earth. In the case of deserts, it all comes down to growing specific species, recycling water from rains and even growing cacti for their water. It may all sound like wishful thinking but water reuse and desalination of rainwater have proven exceptional for ways of making sure that the locals grow and cultivate tasty vegetation.

Where Should You Turn to for Inspiration?

If you are honestly interested in growing your own food even in the most challenging conditions, you should not despair. For starters, many people have done it and they have done it in a time when nobody really had the Internet. Or proper running water for that matter.

The first thing that modern man should realize is that water is a precious resource that is threatened. In other words, water is being used up very quickly and we might need to come up with new ways to address the shortage of water.

In any event, there are historical examples in Australia, Egypt, and Israel that go to show that it is possible to create opportunities for many people without actually squandering resources. While, you cannot really expect to replicate those ancient practices – simply because they have been optimized – you will definitely want to take an example.

African villages going back millennia also created ways to preserve and bring in water. This led to a significant improvement in the living standards of everyone in the regions where water and agriculture farming were developing.

Of course, there were many modern challenges to address.

Farming at Home and the Deserts Today

Farming in the deserts today is definitely not easy, but if you watch the news, you will see that people are already coming up with ways to colonize Mars. A similar idea could be put into practice back on Earth. With proper soils and nutrients, you can build anything pretty quickly.

This being said, Earth can yet benefit from turning the arid lands into farm-able lands in anticipation of a big revolution that will make most people more environmentally conscious. While the meat industry would be affected negatively, many other sectors would grow and benefit.

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Creating More Arable Lands

Today, our species is moving past a diet that involves a lot of meat to a predominantly plant-based diet, which is more sparing towards the environment. With this being said, many people are trying to change their dietary habits. For many, it has proven quite the challenge. If you are a meat lover, then the alternative for you would be to find things that provide you both the same nutrients but also the same feeling of fullness as meat does.

It’s most certainly not an easy undertaking and you will have to make some sacrifices. Then again, nobody is really pushing people into eating less meat. The important thing is to remember that whatever diet you have, it should ultimately keep you healthy as well as provide sustenance.