Reseña 2019: Ahora es el Momento

Durante el úlitmo año, Horst Köhler, el enviado personal del Secretario General de la ONU en el Sáhara Occidental, ha conseguido algunos avances. En diciembre del 2018 organizó el primer encuentro de las partes del conflicto, Marruecos y el Frente POLISARIO, además de Argelia y Mauritania. Los especialistas en conflictos del International Crisis Group han calificado dicho Leer másReseña 2019: Ahora es el Momento[…]

All about the money: Morocco’s plundering of Western Sahara

Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara is all about the money. Morocco benefits economically from its occupation of Western Sahara by plundering the natural resources of the territory; resources that could enable the rightful owners of the land, the Saharawi, to support all of their people. The natural resources Morocco is plundering from Western Sahara include: Leer másAll about the money: Morocco’s plundering of Western Sahara[…]

Moroccan miscarriages of justice: unfair trials for Saharawis

Since 2012, our partners Adala UK have been reporting on the unfair trials of Saharawis, detained for exercising their freedom of expression with regard their right to self-determination. The list of human rights abuses in relation to unfair trials and imprisonment is a long one for the Saharawis living under Moroccan occupation: trials in military Leer másMoroccan miscarriages of justice: unfair trials for Saharawis[…]

Morocco continues arbitrary expulsions of international observers

Over the last few years the number of international independent human rights observers that Morocco has expelled from the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara has been rapidly increasing. Adala UK and the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara have reported on this a number of times recently. Adala UK reports that the number of observers expelled Leer másMorocco continues arbitrary expulsions of international observers[…]

Briefing 2018: We can break the deadlock

Progress towards a political solution to the conflict in Western Sahara remains deadlocked. For the Saharawi, the day-to-day grim reality of stalemate persists. All continue to be denied the right to self-determination which the UN ceasefire agreement promised them some 26 years ago. Morocco continues its efforts to gain economically from the occupation of the Leer másBriefing 2018: We can break the deadlock[…]