UN debate MINURSO this week

The UN Security Council will start debating MINURSO on Tuesday before the vote on Thursday. It’s time for one final push! If you haven’t done already please email and/or phone the UNSC members. We understand phone calls in particular really make an impression on the UNSC. Contacts are available here.   The Secretary General’s report makes Read more about UN debate MINURSO this week[…]

Western Sahara Caucus formed in United States Congress

The Committee on House Administration of the United States Congress has formally approved the creation of the Congressional Western Sahara Caucus. The bipartisan caucus, chaired by Representatives Pitts (R-PA) and McCollum (D-MN), seek to promote a “peaceful, just solution” to the Western Sahara conflict. The caucus will focus on human rights in the Western Sahara Read more about <!–:en–>Western Sahara Caucus formed in United States Congress<!–:–>[…]