Time for Action

Groups and individuals from around the world have begun writing to the UN Security Council to demand action on the Western Sahara conflict in the run-up to the vote on the renewal of MINURSO.

The first of those letters was from Saharawi civil society groups from the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara and the Saharawi Refugee Camps.

We as Saharawis desperately want the UN-led process to succeed. But to do so, the Security Council must make clear that the only solution which is just, lasting and mutually acceptable, is one that enables the Saharawi people to freely, fairly and democratically determine their future, without preconditions imposed by outside forces.  As a first step towards the realisation of such a process, we urge you to insist that the Kingdom of Morocco demonstrate its commitment to upholding the rights of the Saharawi people, by providing unfettered access to independent human rights monitors throughout Western Sahara, agreeing to release the dozens of Saharawi political detainees currently languishing in Moroccan jails, uncovering the truth behind the disappeared Saharawis and opening up the Saharawi territory for the International Committee of the Red Cross so Morocco can contribute effectively to its mandate to respect international humanitarian law.

After decades of misery and injustice, we want to believe the UN-led process will deliver our people’s right to self-determination. Yet it can only do so if the Security Council is determined to solve this crisis once and for all, and finds the political will necessary to lay a credible path to self-determination. The United Nations has an obligation to provide a referendum on our right to self-determination. We urge all members of the Council to deliver on this promise.

You can read the letter here. Solidarity groups from around the world are now writing their own letters and individuals can also write to the UN Security Council members. Please find guidance on what you could write here.