UN debate MINURSO this week

The UN Security Council will start debating MINURSO on Tuesday before the vote on Thursday. It’s time for one final push!

If you haven’t done already please email and/or phone the UNSC members. We understand phone calls in particular really make an impression on the UNSC. Contacts are available here.


The Secretary General’s report makes clear the need for the full reinstatement of MINURSO personnel. He warns that failure to do so will alter the mandate of MINURSO with a risk that hostilities will resume with the danger of a full scale war if MINURSO is forced to depart from its mandate.

As a Non-self-governing Territory, the UN Security Council (UNSC) has a ‘sacred trust’ to protect the people of Western Sahara. Human right violations are a direct result of the failure of the UN Security Council to implement the referendum.

The UNSC must:

  •  Demand the reinstatement of MINURSO personnel
  • Give MINURSO a mandate to monitor human rights
  • Set a date for the referendum


Suggested tweets:

#40yearsenough. Set a date for #WesternSahara referendum @franceonu @AmbassadorPower @MatthewRycroft1

Fulfil your duty @franceonu @AmbassadorPower @MatthewRycroft1. Stop #Morocco #humanrights abuses in #WesternSahara

Fulfil your duty @franceonu @AmbassadorPower @MatthewRycroft1 deliver the referendum for #WesternSahara