We demand that the UNSC take action

90 organisations from across the world have written to members of UN Security Council, demanding an end to Moroccan abuses and a date for the referendum.

The following letter was sent to all members of the UN Security Council in advance of the upcoming
negotiations on Western Sahara:


End Moroccan Impunity in Western Sahara

As representatives of 90 human rights organisations, solidarity groups and trade unions from more than forty countries, we write to wholeheartedly condemn the ongoing human rights abuses, including sexual violence and torture, that are perpetrated against the Saharawi people by the Moroccan state. In particular, we condemn this year’s biased retrial and the wholly disproportionate sentences given to the Saharawi “Gdem izik” prisoners. Likewise, we condemn the illegal extraction of the natural resources of Western Sahara without the consent of the Saharawi people. These injustices are a direct result of the failure of the UN Security Council to provide for self-determination.

We call on you as a member of the UN Security Council to fulfil your obligations to the Saharawi people. In particular, with regard to the upcoming meetings on MINURSO’s mandate we ask that you:

• Give the MINURSO peacekeeping operation a mandate to monitor and report human rights violations directly to the UN Security Council;
• Demand an end to the extraction of natural resources from Western Sahara through agreements which disregard the interests and wishes of the Saharawi;
• Facilitate time-bound, face-to-face negotiations between the POLISARIO Front and Morocco;
• Set a date for a free and fair referendum to be carried out in Western Sahara to provide for self-determination.

We hope that this year, the UN Security Council will fulfil its long-standing obligations and finally deliver justice to the people of Western Sahara.

The UN Security Council will vote on this issue on 25 April. If you would like to write your own letter
or phone the UN Security Council please take action here.