Why Is The Western Sahara So Important?

Slowly, but surely, the situation in the Middle East is turning chaotic, with the Western Sahara topic adding to the list of problems that require quick solutions. With the Moroccan Government having rejected a number of proposed solutions, with special emphasis on the work of former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, and the ongoing delays in implementing the United Nations’ Settlement Plan, the situation has been getting worse. While some progress has been made in 2018 with the help of Horst Köhler, the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy to Western Sahara, no final conclusions have been reached. The roundtable meeting between the POLISARIO Front and Morocco were called a “resolution opportunity” by conflict experts.

Given the fact that the Moroccan power exerts a suppressing regime against civilians expressed through acts of violence, detention made in an arbitrary manner and the illegal exploitation of the natural resources in Western Sahara, there is more tension being created in the area. The Saharawi people are denied their right to self-determination, which only promotes the illegal situation, as it has been described by the CJEU Advocate General.

Why would the United Nations direct their attention to Western Sahara and build more trust and confidence among its residents? Here are a few of the most common reasons why this disputed area is so important today and why a solution should be sought and implemented as soon as possible.western sahara

Western Sahara Is The Only Oasis Of Stability In The Region

Western Sahara has the potential to become one of the very few stable places in this region where things appear to be going from bad to worse. The size of this land – 100, 000 square miles of desert – and its population – more than half a million people – would also easily turn it into the country with the least dense population on Earth. That is, provided the place would finally gain its right to self-determination and escape what seems to be an endless dispute over its sovereignty.

The Moroccans VS The Polisario Front, A Tough Battle

The battle between Morocco and the Polisario Front is a tough one, given the fact that both parties have denied the need for a process that would determine eligibility. The presence of the refugees in the region run by Polisari Algeria are slowly, but surely turning into a ticking bomb ready to generate even more instability in the region and open the door to new acts of terrorism. By officially recognizing the right to self-determination with the help of a free and fair referendum featuring an option for independence on the ballot paper, the indigenous Saharawi people would have a chance at a better life. This could translate into faster growth, better education and an improved and a more peaceful social environment. For example, lots of Saharawi enjoy embracing Western-world activities as a means of entertainment. This is not yet possible in all parts of the region given the current situation.

Gambling Laws In Morocco/Western Sahara

Eighty percent of the non-self-governing land in Western Sahara is controlled by the Moroccans. Given the fact that the country is one where all forms of gambling are completely legal, this also automatically means that the people in West Sahara can enjoy the advantages of free and legal casino gaming. Nevertheless, the remaining 20% of the area does not benefit from the same type of freedom. This means they cannot access places like https://www.australia-casino.org/roulette online and play their favorite games of roulette whenever they feel like it. The European influence on Morocco has made the Shari’a Law exert less control on people’s lives, despite the fact that  99 percent of the population is currently practicing Islam. This kind of openness has also allowed for gambling, a prohibited and completely banned activity under Shari’a Law to be completely embraced here over the years.

Given the European influence over the entire Saharawi population and the people’s openness to gambling and other forms of entertainment, once a referendum would decide the right to self-determination, everyone would be able to enjoy free gambling in all regions of Western Sahara. This is excellent news for those who are truly passionate about gambling or would like to try a new Western-world hobby in the near future.